75 cm X 150 cm


Trident Group

Trident Group


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Trident Indulgence Towel

Escalate your indulgent experiences with our patented air rich technology. Inspired by the lightness and plushness of a feather, these towels use 100 percent premium cotton to pamper you with a lofty hand feel. A glorious symphony of art and technology, towels under this collection are extremely plush, super absorbent, soft and durable. Read through the encryptions of gold and experience extravagance. The splendid pride of a glistening crown, the intricate weaves of the heirloom royal carpet that brings to life art and craftsmanship from centuries ago. The ornate afternoon tea platters and the dazzling proprietary of fine cutlery. The ravishing shades of cream and grey highlighted with treasured adornments spell out pure indulgence.

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